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  • The version of the browser;
  • The version of the extension;
  • The steps to reproduce the bug.
If possible, please try the latest version of the extension first before you report a bug.

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For any other issues, just post your comment below.


Unknown said...

Whom it may concern,
My name is Marc Steinits and I am a Media Manager at
We are the world's leading language solution company.
I would like to speak with someone regarding an opportunity to cooperate together.
Please let me know with who can I speak.

Zen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hey Zen, I love your add-on "Google Dict and translate" for Firefox....Any chance you will be creating one for Android phones?
Thanks, JD

Zen said...

Thanks for the support. I would work on it when I have the time and resources.

Theo said...

My proposal: add option "hide translation box on mouse move". I don't like click somewhere at the page to close it. Also opened box is blocking next user action (like click on a link etc).

Zen said...

Hi Theo,

Please try the version 2.2, which added the feature you want. But by default, it is turned off because we don't want to supprise the existing users. You can turn it on by going to the Options dialog and select the option. When using it, you need to move the mouse some distance away to trigger the closing.

Reem said...

I have several suggestions:
1. I would love to have a quick way to select the source language. Google's guesses are not good enough for auto-recognizing it. My preference would be a toolbar button that will open dropdown menu to select the source language.
2. I would like to have an option to trigger word translate by right mouse button double click - so the click won't follow links. you can close the context menu by firing F10.
3. I would love to have more then one destination language, like to get the results in French and English below those in Hebrew (not displaying the current source language).
4. I think the link at the bottom could be spared...
Thank you for your fantastic add-on!

Anonymous said...

Need multiple choice for destination language.

I want my translations to English; girlfriend wants hers to Thai ...


Anonymous said... is no longer available, so in-line translation is not working anymore. could you fix it asap please? thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hey hey, Google Translate/Dictionary add-on for Firefox no longer works! Well, the definitions part of it at least. Please fix asap!

Anonymous said...

Google dictionary is no longer available, therefore your add-on no longer works. I use it daily and really need it to work. Please fix and let us know when it will be available. Thanks!

Zen said...

************** NOTE *************

Since Google shut down the Google Dictionary service, part of the function of the Google Dictionary and Google Translate Firefox extension has stopped working. We will look for and test other alternatives. Please be patient. In the meantime, you can still use the translation feature of the extension.


Anonymous said...

Does not seem to work with Firefox 5

Blogger said...

Win XP Firefox 3.6 Google Dictionary extension ver 3.0. The definition part works great but the translate part just gives me a Google pop up(?) that never translate. But if I go to Google Translate and insert the URL of the page it instantly translates.

Krix said...

Hi, Zen, I want to tell you that I've been using Wiktionary and Google translate 3.1 for some time, It is a really useful extension but since the last week I have had some troubles with it, becuase when I try to translate into spanish the pop-up appears and just shows me "??" and "more".
I use windows XP and Firefox 7.0.1.

Thanx in advance.
Best wishes.

pobo said...

Hey Zen. Very nice AddOn. Unfortunately it doesn't work anymore. Same troubles like in the last 2 posts, "??" instead of translating.

Luiz Eduardo said...

I really like your add-on, but recently it began showing ??s instead of the translation I was looking for (mostly Ger-Eng).
Is it a problem with Google Translator or can it be fixed with an update?

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Nice addon. I'd like to have an option to add couple different langauage butoons to addon bar so I could easily translate same page to different languages with just a one click.

Anonymous said...

Suggestions: the hovering mouse could turn into a dot of the same colour than the box with the character inside; in that case, should a malware detect the mouse's hovering, it would be invisible anyway.

Zen said...

The "??" problem of the "Wiktionary and Google Translate" Firefox extension has been fixed in the latest 4.1 version. You can manually download it now or wait after the review from the Mozilla team.

BTW, when you have suggestions or issues, please mention which product it is with your comments.

Unknown said...

Please add "GUJARATI" language option also in this addon as son as possible.

krsh said...

Nav toolbar button inconsistent size for Google translate and wictionary plugin.

Steps to reproduce. Adding button to nav toolbar increases toolbar size. Original size of toolbar with G button can be got by right-click -> Customize -> check use small icons. Then again right-click -> customize -> uncheck small icons. Now the nicer standard size for the G button is used. I have tested it in firefox 11 (not sure of the other versions). Kindly fix this. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Just tried Full Screen Image Viewer 1.5.1 in Firefox 11 under Windows 7. It is almost great. The problem I see is that it will not allow a smaller image to be zoomed to 'Full Screen' which is what the addons title might suggest. If I right click on an image and choose 'view image' it looks about the same as in the addon except that it CAN be zoomed up with CTRL and the mouse wheel. Trying that in the addon zooms the page behind the image which is not what is intended. Sure would be nice to have a zoom UP function on that magnifying glass icon! Like the ability to display all images on the page and the use of the whole window! I have to use F11 in 'view image' to get rid of the top bars.

Zen said...

To zoom in a small image to make it full screen makes the image blurring because the image does not have enough pixels. Not sure if that is an important feature. If there is enough demand, I will consider adding it.

Feder said...

Could you separate Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese? Because it is very confused to read now. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hello, using firefox, i would like to be able to copy the text in the pop-up.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Please Please include Bangla one of the most talked languages in the world. we are hundred millions in numbers want it to be a part of this add-on. be it a beta google transnational but please include it please regard!!!

Kage said...


i just installed this addon to auto hide my tab bar, however i am also using a different addon to make my tabbar appear on the bottom. when i use these to together it works well but you addon act's asif the tabbar is still on the top (so i need to have my mouse at the top to display my tabs on the bottom)
any chance you could make it compatible with this ? the addon that makes it display on the bottom for me is: tab mix plus

MichaelIsGreat said...

A important improvement. Thanks. Rated 5 out of 5 stars

by MichaelIsGreat on July 14, 2012 · permalink

To the developer Zen:

1) First improvement to add.
When I press the Google button that I placed at the top right of my Firefox browser window (using Customize), when I translate a page in a foreign language, it shows:
Google Translate Translated to: English Show original Options
Could you change this statement to the following one:
Google Translate Translated to: English From: (the foreign language should be stated here) Show original Options
As you can see, I have just added: "From: (the foreign language should be stated here)".

Many times, I have no clues whatsoever which language it is translated from and that bothers me a lot, as I speak several languages and at least I want to educate myself further at recognizing foreign languages that I do not know.

2) Sometimes, there is just a few sentences in a foreign language in a page that is mainly in English. I select the sentences, move the mouse cursor over them, and click Ctrl+Alt but it does not give me the translation for these few sentences in a foreign language.

Thanks a lot to consider adding this important detail 1) at the next update.
For 2), thanks to have a look at it.

Many thanks to the developer for providing this awesome add-on.

MichaelIsGreat said...

Here is an issue that seems to have appeared only recently. As, if I remember well, it used to translate the web page fine using the Google button.

At this page at (in Hebrew), I can try to press the Google button to translate it and it simply does not translate it into English!!
Same problem if I do Tools, Translate.
Same problem if I take a link from this web page at and try to see if the Google Translate button would not through a link to this particular page at . It does not.

On the other hand, if I go to Google translate at and put the web page address in the field for that, it does translate the page just fine!!

Very weird!!

More, if I try to use the Google Translate button with another page in Hebrew, for instance at,7340,L-8,00.html . Then pressing the Google Translate button works perfectly fine!!

If you do not mind, thanks to figure out why your add-on Google Translate button does not work on this particular web page at

So many thanks for your add-on. It is amazing.

Anonymous said...

If you enabled "click-to-play" (in about: config) "Wiktionary and Google Translate" does not work on pages.

MasssHipnozisss said...

I love your add-on.., but when we can translate over https?

Unknown said...

Realy, I use a lot this add-on. We love it. But this missing translation for HTTPS pages.

Alan B'Stard said...

Forgot, latest Firefox, Win7 32bit

Khan Orak said...

Hey Thanks Zen for the superb extension.

One problem.

When I double-click a word and the pop-up appears, usually there are words the meaning of which I don't understand.

So I double-click the word in the pop-up but it doesn't show its meaning.

It was working with previous versions though. (5.xx)


Zen said...

Hi Khan, If you want to look up a word in the pop-up, you can select/double-click the word and then click on the magnifier button on the top right corner of the pop-up to look up the word.

Khan Orak said...

Hey Zen,

You previously suggested to click on the magnifier if I have to look-up a word in the pop-up, but I can't find any magnifier in the pop-up :?

Thanks for the Help

Anonymous said...

Hi, the "popup for selection" feature doesn't work sometimes. I found some cases where it never works for me: When the selection ends in a link, it never works. Also, often times it doesn't work when a selection spans several elements of a page, but sometimes does work.

Zen said...

Hi Khan, are you using the latest version (6.3)? Please upgrade to it. After that you will find 5 icons/buttons at the top right corner of the little popup. The 3rd icon is the "magnifier".

Zen said...

For words in a link, it is better to use the hover-to-translate feature.

Khan Orak said...


Strange there are no icons. And I'm on the latest version.

Does it have some kind of conflicts with AdBlock Plus?

Zen said...

That is strange. Maybe you can send me a screenshot to zen(at) If you doubt it conflicts with other extensions, you can temporary disable all the others to test.

Khan Orak said...

I have sent you a mail along with screenshots at zen5998(a.t)

Zen said...

The shortcut icons on the popup was incorrectly hidden in version 6.3. A new version 6.3.1 is now available to recover it. Those who are using version 6.3 please upgrade to version 6.3.1. Thanks to Khan reporting the issue.

Anonymous said...

Hey zen

Your add-on is superb. This tools is very useful for those who want to learn a language. I have a suggestion: if you add a simple function/bottom to make a database of the desired words, it can function such a learning tools for people. This capability can accelerate your add-ons popularity.


rez said...

When I move a tab from one window to another, and then use "Wiktionary and Google Translate" from that tab, the popup opens up from the original - i.e. the wrong! - window.

Anonymous said...

Can you PLEASE consider adding Bing translate?
In contrast to the search engine their translation services are FAR superior to google's.

For example, try translating this with google:
Согласен с Кьюби
You get "Agree villager Кьюби" it doesn't even TRANSLATE the whole thing.
On the other hand BING translate gets it right returning "Agree with Kyuubi" which is what was being said.

Honestly, the only reason I'm asking here is because there currently isn't a SINGLE method of using the Bing translator without copy and pasting eeevery siiingle line into the little box on their webpage.

So please, at least take a look at it, you'll notice some huge improvements over what Google pushes out.

Just give it a shot. Please.

draka said...

There a problem, I been using this for sometime now but when I was using it translate Japanese language into English using translate page, it would only translate only some of it or none at all. It never did this to me before at all.


Ex_Brit said...

Wiktionary and Google Translate 6.3.1 appears not to work in Firefox 23

Ex_Brit said...

Ignore my last post saying Wiktionary and Google Translate didn't work in does, but appears to be slightly different from what I'm used to, thanks ;-)

libuz said...

I am using the Wikinary and Google translate addon 6.3.1 in FF 23.0.1, which has been very helpful for me. I have a bug that the apostrophe sign (') is being replaced by "'" as shown here

Anonymous said...

Hi Google translate (v6.3.3) is not working in FFv24, though Wiktionary is working fine. Please tell mw what is the problem or fix this soon.

when i select translate page or click G icon, nothing happens.

Zen said...

I tested version 6.3.3 on FF 2.4 and it worked as before. However, we have observed that although the Google translate element works on most websites, it may not work well on some others occasionally. As an option, Wiktionary and Google Translate has an option "Translate page in a new tab" to enable translate almost all unencrypted websites (it does not work on HTTPS webpages).

keith said...

This is perfect.
Works when every other add-on doesn't (googl img espcially)

Can I request a 'Save all.. ' feature?
I know it doesn't begin to pay for your time but I've donated to say thanks.


brian said...

Perfect addon..
Works where none of the others will.

Can I make a request for a 'Save All' feature?

I know it doesn't begin to cover your time but I've donated a bit to say thanks.

Anonymous said...

I am running Windows 7
Lastest version of "take a break"
Beta version of firefox 30
The bug: Does not work. Mouse over it and it says "0 mins to Flashing, 0 mins to Rest"
The add-on has only worked flashed once and had a pop-up once
Please help!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ahmad said...

Hey there,
I love the Tooltip Wikitionary feature and had been using it for long time but since last couple of Firefox Updates it is no more bringing definition(s).
I'm using Firefox 33.0.3.

Please reply at your earliest, if there is any missing configuration or misconfiguration.

Kind regards,


Anonymous said...

Very useful extension; thank you. The last month or so, however, no information is provided in the pop-up. Don't know if it's a conflict with another extension or what.

Zen said...

Hi all. We are aware that the FF Wiktionary extension is only partially working due to the change of the wiktionary API. We will release an update later.

PurelyDark said...

Hello. Can you add in code to strip punctuation from words when they are double-clicked. I am double-clicking words with question marks after them and no definition is found because the ? mark is kept in the query. As far as I know there are no words with punctuation in them...

Anonymous said...

It is a very useful app, thank you. If there were an option to set a hotkey for Wiktionary as well as the existant hotkey for Translate, the addon would be perfect in my view.

Unknown said...

Da ultimo aggiornamento ha smesso di funzionare per tradurre pagine intere di twitter.

Prima era comodissimo.

Bastava con il tasto destro scegliere traslate e traduceva in un sol colpo tutti i twitter della pagina.


Stamimail said...

Thank you for very much this add-on...
Hebrew Language
We get the English Text in RTL instead of LTR.

Also, I don't have the "speaker" icon for listening.

Hovering the buttons at top would display a tooltip.

franc said...

first thank a lot for the Add-On "PageDown PageUp Buttons", an Add-On for Firefox on Android. I use it on SGS4 with Firefox Beta. Works good :)
I have a suggestion: could be the long-press duration shorter? 300 - 500 ms I think is absolut enough. I mean the Long-press duration to get directly to top or bottom of the page.
Ideal would be a settings dialog to set this time, but this is more work than maybe wanted.
Thank's a lot.

franc said...

Forget about it. I unpacked the xpi and found it easily how to set it to 300 ms.
I wrote it in the rating on Firefox Add-Ons page.
The most "difficult" is to install the changed xpi, which is the easiest to do through another addon and use github.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a wonderful add-on. I would like to request a feature that double clicking of a word/selection (as one of the several build-in options to activate it) inside a dialog window would open a chained dialog about this word/selection.

Have a blessed day, and thank you again so much for your efforts in making the Internet better.

Miliiin OutZ¡ro said...

Hi author.
Currently, despite I have enabled: "Open new tab and load url" and "with a sign". BKandB displays a dark grey top bar Sign, but without a link to restore tabs. At the past this worked.
Only I can restore tabs through Shift+BossKey.

OS: Windows XP SP3 32-bit
Firefox 44.0
Boss Key and Buttons 3.0.1-signed

Unknown said...

Can you make this addon compatible with electrolysis / e10s?

OS: Arch Linux
Firefox Firefox 45.0

Stamimail said...

The add-on of translating stoped working.

Myself001 said...

My Wiktionary and Google Translate stopped working too. I'm using Linux Mint and just have updated to Firefox 45.0

Anonymous said...

For me too.
It was working well until now, and now the popup window opens but the searching circle is spinning endlessly, not finding any translation... It's a shame!

mr.asa said...

Hello! This greatest add-on stoped working in Firefox 45.0
Pleas, repair it!

11111111 said...

Not working in Firefox 45.0

OS Windows 7

pop up appears but never changes from loading circle. Worked before updating Firefox.

Anonymous said...

Please fix Wiktionary and Google Translate Add-ons.

Tony said...

I am having the same experience as the others. FF 45 not working. The popup window appears, but there are only 2 spinning circles. 3 different PCs, 2 versions of windows.

Nick said...

I really like this extension. Unfortunately, after updating to new version of Firefox the extension stopped working. I can see only two loaders in popup.... Please, fix it. (Linux Mint 17.1, Firefox 45.0, Wiktionary and Google Translate 7.2.1)

Zen said...

A new version of this extension has been submitted to Mozilla Add-ons website for review and approval. If you cannot wait for the review process, you can download it now from

Thanks for the patience and the kind support.

Stamimail said...

Thank You.
I'm using Hebrew.
wiktionary works
I get resutls from:
Google Translate doesn't work
It seems it get resutls from a wrong source:
There are also those problems I had mentioned, See Comment above from: August 15, 2015
(If you can't, I'd prefer to see all in LTR)

Don Bright said...


Huge kudos to you for sticking with this project.

I tried to make a program very similar to yours a few years back, but gave up after becoming too frustrated with Google's randomly implemented restrictions to their translation APIs and Firefox's eternally changing platform.

Your addon is incredibly impressive and useful.

Brian G said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to create these useful tools!

I had a couple suggestions for the Android Firefox "PageDown PageUp Buttons". I'm hoping to find a mainstream browser which helps avoid the repetitive stress of swiping since I always seem to run into issues with the 2nd-tier browsers (Dolphin, UC Browser) which handle this issue by providing a volume button scroll option. Here are my suggestions:

1. For the PageDown PageUp arrows, allow the user to customize the height they appear at on the screen. Based on my hands / phone browsing with one hand would be much easier if they were up higher (~40% down the screen instead of ~65% of the way down). Perhaps the user could simply enter a percentage (from 10-90) which controlled their placement relative to the top of the screen?

2. Allow the user to swap the side of the screen that the PageDown PageUp arrows appear on. Ideally this could be done even without going into an options window (perhaps with a triple tap?). This would allow single hand scrolling (generally done in the down direction) from either hand without having to reach across the screen (which does work in your design but is even less desirable than swiping).

3. Give the option to use the volume button for scrolling instead of the arrows on the screen. I'm sure this is much more work but in some ways is the ideal solution to this issue. It requires very little effort on the users part (minimal finger movement) and in most cases the phone can be held in either hand while still toggling this button.

Thanks again for all your work and considering these suggestions!

Unknown said...

Wiktionary and Google Translate for Firefox is one of the most useful extensions that I use and I wonder if there are any plans to port it to MS Edge.

Jeremy said...

I need the pop up window to be moved slightly to the right so I can triple click highlight sentences. The window is in the way of doing that.
Can you fix that or can I fix that?

Unknown said...

the take a break extension would be even better if it was available for my android

Anonymous said...

well Marc if you had taken the time to lookup the Contact section, you could have seen:

zen (a.t)

imho, this shows your level of commitment and professionalism.

orince said...

hi ! the image viewer support was locked so ill write here. I was wondering if u can make a (regex? i believe that its called?)code for instagram to the full window image viewer ? would be much appriciated.


ramarao said...

I have Sony EX55 internet TV with Wifi ready....It needs to UAW BR 100 Wifi USB Dongle to connect Wifi.... Unfortunately this product is discontinued by Sony in India but it is available in abroad and too expensive..... Kindly Suggest Suitable USB Wifi Lan Adopter to Connect Internet through wifi

Anonymous said...

Hello. Your add-on "Boss Key and Buttons" is incompatible with new Firefox 57. You will edit it in order to use it. It was quite useful. :)

Unknown said...

i love "page up down button" in firefox adds (in android)

but now that it doen't search at firefox adds

i'm very uncomportable

i'm very groomy..

plz would you mind uploading The add? again (page up down button)

Zen said...

Hi nolza ohora,

Thanks for your support. Unfortunately, after Firefox has upgraded to the latest version, all add-ons we have written and published are not compatible. They stop working. Therefore, we have to disable them in the store. Sorry for that.

Unknown said...

Your trim function is really well done, concise and easy to follow. Kudos!

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