Friday, February 5, 2010

Firefox Extension: Invert Input

Note: Online help of the old version 1 can be found here.
Note: Online help of the old version 2 can be found here.

No matter what reason you want to invert your input to the browser, you can do it with this extension now. It can invert the input of a text field or a password field.

After you input something into a text box, right click your mouse to pop up the context menu where you can see an item of "Invert Input". Click it and the text will be reversed. If the input is a password, your input is masked with stars by the browser so you cannot tell directly whether the password has been inverted. But you can know it by the color. The background color of the password box will be changed to navy color to indicate that the text has been reversed. If you do the inverting again, the text will return to original, but the color of the font will be set to navy with a white background color. This reminds you that you have run even times of the function to make it return to the original.

If you prefer keyboard shortcuts, you can use Ctrl-Shift-i to invert the input while the cursor is in that text box. The shortcut key is configurable via the Options dialog. Please see the Options section below.

You can also add the "Invert Input" button to your tool bar (see this post for how to add a button to the tool bar). Click into the text box you want to invert first. And then click on the "Invert Input" button to invert the text inside the focused text box.

Open inverted URL

To answer the request from some users, a new option to open inverted URL is added since version 2.0. To use it, you must first enable it on the Options dialog (See the Options section). Then you can highlight the inverted URL and right-click to select "Open Inverted Link" from the context menu. The inverted URL will be opened in a new tab.

If you right-click on a link and choose "Open Inverted Link", the address of the link will also be reversed and opened in a new tab.


By default, the text is inverted line by line if there are multiple lines. For example,
line one
line two
line three

will be inverted into
eno enil
owt enil
eerht enil

If you want to invert the whole thing from top to bottom without considering line breaks, you can go to the Options dialog and uncheck the option of "Invert line by line". The result will be changed into
eerht enil
owt enil
eno enil

In version 2.0, a new option "Handle inverted link" is added. By checking it, you enable the "Open Inverted Link" on the context menu when you right-click a highlighted text, or when you right-click on a link. The highlighted text or the address of the link will be reversed and opened in a new tab.

You can enable, disable or change the hot key. The default one is Ctrl+Shift+i. But this combination conflicts with a new hot key of Firefox 4. In the Options dialog, you can select a new letter or change the combination of the functional keys.

Click here to see how to open the "Options" dialog.


KallAngo said...

I like to see this addon inverting links. Like "lmth.knil//:ptth" inverted to "http://link.html"

KallAngo® said...

I Realy like this addon and I have a suggestion to make it better.

I have seen some inverted url texts. And I think that would be great if this addon can invert this url text ( links ) and open it...

So, it get a url text like this "lmth.knil//:ptth" invert it to "http://link.html" and open a new tab with this url...

Anonymous said...

Here in Brasil we find lots of blogs and sites that "hide" their download links by inverting them. I reaaly found usefull this addon, but for the purpose I said it would be better if the app functioned by inverting the link pressing de right button on the mouse directly from the adress bar. Got it? Thanks for the attention and congratulations for the initiative!

Zen said...

I can add this feature to the next release. Please stay tuned.

KallAngo said...

I have another suggestion. Can it works on Address bar ?¿ It will be a good option ;) Tks...

Zen said...

You can use the shortcut Ctrl-Shift-i to invert the URL in the address bar when the address bar is focused.

Ctrl-Shift-i seems not working in Firefox 4.0 beta. In the next release for Firefox 4.0, we may use another shortcut combination.

I am also thinking to add an icon to the address bar for convenience.

Charles said...

Interesting--but not what I thought it would be.

What this does is reverse the character order--the second meaning to the word, whereas I thought it would turn the input upside down--the first meaning of the word...

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