Thursday, March 25, 2010

Measure the linear distance of two locations in Google Earth

You can measure the linear distance of two addresses in Google Earth. There is a "Show Ruler" icon in the Toolbar of Google Earth. If you cannot see the Toolbar, you can show it by checking the "Toolbar" item under main menu "View".

When you click the "Show Ruler" icon in the Toolbar, a "Ruler" dialog pops up. You can drag it aside if it blocks the view of the map.

To measure a distance, click on the first location in the map. Release the button and a point is marked. Now when you move the mouse, the distance from your mouse to that point is shown in the "Ruler" dialog as "Length". How many degrees you are away from north is also shown as "Heading".

Click on the second location (the destination) to measure the linear distance between two points. A line is drawn between them. When you are done, click "Clear" button to remove the line on the map.

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