Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Online unit converter

Many of the supermarkets here are playing tricks on the price tags. While the price tag displays $x.xx/lb, the receipt shows the price in dollars per kilograms. As a customer, we are always confused and hard to remember the listed price when we are reading the receipt. But why the supermarkets do that? 99 cents per pounds looks quite attractive on the price tag. People nowadays do not expect too much from a buck or so. When you enter a supermarket and see that one dollar, even less a dollar, can buy this, that and a lot, you cannot help buying all those good deals. Not until you get home and read the receipt, you find out it is actually $2.18 per kilogram. No! It is not under a buck. It is more than 2 bucks!

Well, you and I all know they are the same things. It is just a trick of the unit conversion. I wrote a little JavaScript program Unit Converter to help easily comparing things in different units. It does not cover everything. Instead, it just collect some of the most useful units we may use in daily basis.

For example, when you are travelling outside the country, you may not know whether the gas is too expensive if the price is listed as per litre instead of gallon, or vice versa. And you may not know whether you should wear T-shirt or coat if the temperature is forecast in a different unit of Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Bookmark this little online tool to make life simple -- Unit Converter.

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