Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Firefox Extension: Bulk Player Mate for YouTube

This extension lets you play all or any of the YouTube video links on a page by just several clicks.

For example, if we want to watch some videos of Shania Twain, we can go to and input Shania Twain into the search box. We would get so many results. To narrow it down, we input the owner's name as well -- Shania Twain by ShaniaTwainVEVO. Now we get some videos as the search result.

Right click on the result page and the context menu pops up. The Bulk Player Mate menu item is at the bottom. Clicking on it brings up the Select Video dialog.

Alternatively, you can open the dialog through Tools menu of the menu bar.

The detected YouTube videos are split into 3 groups:
  • text links
  • {img} -- links with thumbnails.
  • {embed} -- embedded videos on the page.
These videos may be duplicated with the other group, so you can usually choose to show one group to select your videos in the Select Video dialog. Certainly you can choose to show all videos.

We can see there are many videos listed in the scroll box. We just ignore those we don't care and select the wanted videos by clicking on the little checkbox at the beginning of the record of the video.

You may also notice that the videos are sorted by the Description column. But they may not be in the order we want. We can click to highlight one row (or multiple rows by Shift-click on the last row) and use the Up/Down buttons on the right side to move the video up or down.

After selecting all the videos we want to play and move them into the right order, we can press the OK button to play them all.

A new tab will be opened to play the selected videos one by one. The features of the player are:

1) The videos you select are inserted into the input box automatically for you.

2) There are some controlling buttons at the bottom-left corner of the player. You can use them to play from the beginning, go to the previous video, or go to the next video.

3) Use the buttons at the bottom-right corner of the player to choose the size of the player.

4) Shows which video in the list is being played.

5) The full-screen button of the video. Once you click it for one video, the rest videos will all be played in full-screen mode, seamlessly.

Download and Installation
Download the extension from

Bulk Player is also a standalone tool. You can manually input videos and play them without install the Bulk Player Mate extension

The videos in this example are randomly searched and chosen. We do not own them and we are not in any way related to them or the people who own them.

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Can you add a feature to save the video list as a play list on youtube?
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