Friday, March 11, 2011

Random Posts Widget for Blogger

This widget is for It randomly digs up your posts and lists them on every posts of your blog. This helps to give your old posts more exposure.

You can see the live example in the side bar (on the right side) of this page. Each time you reload the page, the Random Posts section displays the titles of different posts.

To install the widget, just click the icon below and follow the steps.

You will be prompted to login to Blogger if you are not.

By default, ten random posts are selected and shown. If you want a different number of posts, you can have it by doing a little change to the source code of the widget. Don't be worried, the change is very simple. Just follow these steps:
  1. Install the widget first.
  2. View your blog while you are logged-in.
  3. In the Random Posts section, click on the Edit icon.
  4. In the popped up dialog, you can see the source code of the widget. 
  5. Search for this statement -- numberOfPostsToShow12=10. It is at the very beginning of the code.
  6. Change 10 to the number you want. Save the change and you are done.
 If you mess up the code, don't worry, you can always remove the widget and reinstall it.


Fullonline said...

nice work dude other blogs just write find this code replace with some kind of lines and some css adding code but your implementation is so simply just click on add to blogger button and its work like a charm nice work

Paul said...

Thanks for sharing! Glad its working.


Anonymous said...

I can't get the code, can someone send it to me?

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