Thursday, January 19, 2012

Firefox extension: Full Screen Image Viewer

NOTE: This extension is not available anymore due to the incompatibility with the newer versions of Firefox.
If you are interested in similar apps, you can try the Image Viewer for Chrome or Web Image Slideshow for Android.

NOTE: If you come for the Thumbnail Expansion Rules feature, you can go directly to this post (Thumbnail Expansion Rules for Full Screen Image Viewer).

You can easily view images of a page in full screen with Full Screen Image Viewer extension. Just right-click on the Firefox browser and find the *Full Screen Image Viewer* item from the Context Menu. Or you can use the shortcut Shift-F11 (since version 1.3).

The Image Viewer can also open the image links on a web page or your local disk. You can use it as a local image viewing application.

Control Buttons

After you click on the *Full Screen Image Viewer* menu on the Context Menu, the first image is shown. Below the image are the control buttons (except the last one):

Save the image. (Version 1.8+)
Toggle to see the image between its original size and full screen.
Jump to the first image.
Show the previous image.
Show the next image.
Jump to the last image.
Rotate the image -90°.
Rotate the image 90°.
Start the slide show. (version 1.7+)
Stop the slide show. (version 1.7+)

Toggle image filter. (See Image Filter section below.)
(Shown when the control bar is at the bottom.) Move the control bar to the right side. (Version 1.8+)
(Shown when the control bar is at the right side.) Move the control bar to the bottom. (Version 1.8+)
Close/Exit Image Viewer.

To the left of the control buttons is the information shows the current image number of the total image number.

Toggle show/hide the other control buttons. This button is at the top-left corner of the screen. It is only shown when you move your mouse to the top-left corner of the screen.

Image Filter

There could be many small icons on a web page. You usually don't want to view them in Image Viewer. If Image Viewer detects the image is small than the size you want to filter, it will not include the image in its showing list. The default showing size is 200px for both width and height. You can change it in the Options dialog.

You can also select whether to filter images in the Options dialog.

If the size of the image is unknown -- e.g. the image has not been loaded in the web page yet, or it is an image link -- the image will be included into the showing list. After it is loaded, its size is known and will not be included the next time if its size is too small.

Slide Show Interval

Since version 2.3, you can go to the Options dialog to change the interval to control the speed of the slide show.

Use black background

When check this option in the Options dialogue, you will be viewing the images on a whole black background. When this option is not selected, the background will be semi-transparent.

Show toolbar
When check this option in the Options dialogue, the control buttons are shown at the bottom of the image viewer. When this option is not selected, the control buttons are hidden. Besides changing this option in the Options dialogue, you can also use the toggle button at the top-left corner of the image viewer to show or hide the control buttons.

Thumbnail Expansion Rules

This feature is added in version 2.0. It allows you to view the original images of a thumbnail on the web page. To make it work, you must supply the rules to transform the thumbnail into the URI of the original image. Please read the post Thumbnail Expansion Rules for how to write the rules and the rules we provide.

To add the Thumbnail Expansion Rules, the Options dialog and select the tab *Thumbnail*, make sure the option *Enable Thumbnail Expansion Rules* is checked, and input your rules in the textbox.

Shortcut Keys

    Home : Jump to the first image.
    Left Arrow : Show the previous image.
    Right Arrow : Show the next image.
    End : Jump to the last image.
    Down Arrow : Rotate the image -90°.
    Up Arrow : Rotate the image 90°.
    Space Bar: Start/stop slide show. (Version 1.8+)
    z: Toggle to see the image between its original size and full screen (Version 2.3+). If the original size of the image is bigger than the screen, you can use PgUp/PgDn/,/. to scroll the image up/down/left/right.

    F2 : Toggle image filter.
    F1 : Help.
    ESC : Close/Exit Image Viewer.

Install it from the official Mozilla Firefox Addons website


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your excellent work! I wish that there was another feature in the "Full Screen Image Viewer" - "play"! That is to say, that was an option play the slideshow at a specified interval of time. It would be wonderful! Still it would be nice if the extension would be able to open pictures from the preview and display them directly in the original (large).

ben_Gaari said...

nice extension but lacks images saving option

could you do something if possible?

4gzmpl - pop-up JS window lets me preview TGP thumbnails in large scale, unfortunately I cant save them

thanks and best regards

Anonymous said...

Very nice add-on! Too great! What I'm looking for!
However, you will be better if you add a slide show!
Thank you!

Zen said...

Slideshow is added in version 1.7. In version 1.8, you can use the space-bar to turn on/off the slideshow.

The function of saving the image is added in version 1.8.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for such a cool extension! Is there and option to change the slide show time intervel? If not I think that would be a great addition. Thanks again!

Zen said...

Slideshow interval can be changed in the version 2.3 now.

Aldi said...

A very handy addon indeed! Great work!

Would it be possible to set the original size as the default, though? Or at least add an option for that?


Anonymous said...

It's nice work. But I am missing a way to place into the clipboard 3 things:
1. http address of the original image (eg Shift + C),
2. the path to the image to stored on the local disk after it is saved (eg Ctrl + S save and pale path into clipboard).
3. the currently viewed image (eg Ctrl + C).
Is it possible to make this?

amosy said...

Nice addon, but i want to be able to open the slide show without having to use left click menu. There should be a button similar to "HOME" button that when you click it, it gets the job done. Also, i wanna be able to customize the addon button, like moving close button to where the play button is.


Kelly said...

Thank you so much for this great add-on. However, my hope for a full-screen add-on was to hide everything but my image, so I'm trying to find a way to hide the control panel. Is this possible? I'd be delighted if there's a way. Thanks!

Sebastian said...

Great extension, the only other thing I'd wish for is being able to drag the image when zoomed out.

I also found a bug. It seems like the keybindings the viewer uses are not unbound when the viewer is closed. So I can't use any of the keys the viewer uses anymore. To reproduce:

- open firefox
- open any webpage (all keys still work)
- open image viewer (shortcuts still work)
- close viewer (pageUp, pageDown, whitespace, dot etc no longer work)
- when you open a new firefox window while keeping the other one open, the keys work in the new window, but not in the other
- if you repeat the steps in the new window, the same happens

I am using Xubuntu 12.10, Firefox 26 and viewer 5.0

Anonymous said...

Excellent extension... works perfectly. Only request would be to have options for the order of the images in the slideshow, e.g. random, backwards, etc.

Chalermpol Punjatep said...

That's what I'm looking for. Thanks for this great add-on. I'd suggest to add support for mouse actions (scroll = Next/Back), Click anywhere or move to edge = show interface, etc.) and also tablet support (swipe or click+drag = next/previous photo) and also pinch zoom.
Adding an option to place a launch button on the toolbar will be perfect.
Showing shortcuts as mouse hovers each button is also welcomed :)

Link said...

(my review from firefox addon page)

I've been looking for just this for a while- however webm (slowly replacing gif in some circles) is not supported.

Firefox itself can play webms, so it should be trivial to get this to work.

Beyond that, there should be keyboard shortcuts for everything on the toolbar; nothing is worse than having to jump between mouse and keyboard when you could easily just be using the keyboard.

That's a keyboard shortcut for saving images (and save to a predefined folder without the prompt), show/hide the toolbar, zoom/original size, image filter, etc.

There's a bug in the timer; if I manually advance to the next picture, the timer should reset. Currently, if each picture is shown for 5 seconds, and I jump to the next picture 4 seconds in, the next picture will show for 1 second and advance again.

Have an option to shuffle playback order for the finishing touch of perfection.

And maybe, the option to delete local pictures (or at least move them to a specified folder).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this great addon.
Could you add a zoom feature please ?

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea and you've done an excellent job of implementing it. One thing is missing, for me at least:

At the bottom of the image the NAME of the file (and its extension) should be displayed.

This feature could be switched on and off from the settings menu.

I hope you can do this -- it would make this add-on so much more useful. Thanks!

-- JRS

Anonymous said...

I love the Full Screen Image Viewer!

It would be nice if there was a toolbar button I could add to the toolbar to start the viewer instead of having to right-click to open the menu first.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just made a small donation via PayPal because I've been using Full Screen Image Viewer 5.1 multiple times every day and can't imagine how I'd manage without it.

I'm wondering if there's an option to save images to .png files, instead of .jpg files. Sometimes it seems to me that images I've save to.png files are better quality than the same images saved to a .jpg file.

Could that just be my imagination?

Clueless in Seattle

Zen said...

Thanks for the support. This tools is designed to download the image as is. What you need is an image converter that can converts JPG to PNG. There are plenty of free tools can do the conversion and some can handle batch too.

Anonymous said...

Very handy addon, thank you! I also use firefox on android. Would it be possible to extend this addon so that it also works on android?

Unknown said...

It's a long time I use this firefox extension and thank you Zen for this. But there is now few months that it is impossible to save pictures any more : all the fonctionalities works fine, except the picture is not in the folder at the end. I hope it is possible to solve this problem.

Anonymous said...

Great extension. Unfortunately, no longer working for me since recent
update to Firefox 41. You see a short flash of the full screen image
display window before it disappears again.

Anonymous said...

me too, Ive tried disabling other apps but it only flashes the image.

Anonymous said...

"Great extension. Unfortunately, no longer working for me since recent
update to Firefox 41. You see a short flash of the full screen image
display window before it disappears again"

Unfortunately same issue ...

Anonymous said...

Any progress on getting Full Screen Image Viewer working again with the latest versions of Firefox?

Zen said...

Because Mozilla is going to make big changes on the extension supports on Firefox, the Full Screen Image Viewer requires a total rewrite to be able to run on the future releases of Firefox. The project does not have a high priority due to its popularity. If you would like to keep on using such a software, you can try the similar extension Image Viewer on Google Chrome: Thanks.

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