Tuesday, September 10, 2013

How to hide recurring events in Windows Outlook calendar

Sometimes we want to create recurring events that remind us at a certain time everyday, for example, to take a coffee break at 3pm. After adding the recurring event, it will show up in the Outlook calendar. If the company gives us, although highly unlikely, 10 coffee breaks each day, and we add all of them to the Outlook calendar, the calendar will become very hard to use as the other important events are all buried in the minor recurring events.

We want the recurring events to popup and remind us, but not shown in the calendar when we view the calendar. Here is how we can hide them in two steps:
  1. Create a category for the events that we want to hide.
  2. Add a filter to hide all the events in that category.

Alright, those are two big steps. The details are:

1. To create a category for the events that we want to hide:
   1.1  Double click the (recurring) event we just added.
   1.2  Select "Open the series".
   1.3  Click "Categorize" button.
   1.4  Select "All categories ..." from the drop down menu.
   1.5  Click "New ..." button in the dialogue.
   1.6  Create a new category. For our example, we name the new category as "Hidden in Calendar".
   1.7  Apply the new category to the (recurring) event.

2. To add a filter to hide all the events in that category.
   2.1  Click the "View" item from the menu.
   2.2  Click "View Settings" button.
   2.3  Click "Filter ..." button in the dialogue.
   2.4  Click "Advanced" tab.
   2.5  Click "Field" drop down menu.
   2.6  Select "Frequently use fields -> Categories" from the menu.
   2.7  Select "Conditions" as "doesn't contain".
   2.8  Set "Values" as the name of the new category we just created, i.e. "Hidden in Calendar".
   2.9  Click "Add to List" button
   2.10  Click "OK" button. Then click another "OK" button and we are done.

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