Monday, June 1, 2015

Speeding ticket issued with SSL/TLS handshake protocol (fiction)

Servaas is stopped by a cop because of speeding. In this virtual world, people communicate in secure ways. Here is the conversation between the cop (C) and Servaas (S):

C: Hello. You are stopped because of speeding. Before we start, I have assigned a random case number RNC for this case.

   You can access your case in the speeding ticket system by Windows, iOS, Android. Which one are you going to use?

   And, can I see your driver's license?

S: Hello. I am test driving this car so its plate number is like a random number to me. Oh, the plate number is RNS.

   I am going to use Android to access my case in the system.

   Here is my driver's license.

   (Being bold) Can I see your badge?

C: (Checking the driver's license.)

   Here is my badge.

S: (Checking the badge.)

C: Here is the description of your case with my signature and badge number.

S: (Checking the description and the signature.)

C: Now I am giving you the encrypted ticket number. It is encrypted by your driver's license number.

S: (Decrypt the ticket number with his own birthday date and time -- which should be private to himself in this virtual world.)

Both C & S: (Compile RNC, RNS and Ticket# into a key to login to the speeding ticket system to get connected and start chatting.)

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