Monday, January 27, 2020

Speakout and Android Oreo

When inserting the Speakout SIM into an Android Oreo phone, the APN settings are pushed from the Rogers Network as "ltemobile.apn".

As Speakout does not support LTE, that APN setting does not work. And APN settings are locked for Speakout SIM. The "Add APN" button is not there and the only available APN is grayed out that we cannot change it.

The workaround is to use an unrestricted SIM to generate an APN profile.


1. With Speakout SIM in, change the Network Operator to "Speakout 3G" (Settings / Network&Internet / Mobile network / Network operators) (However, I am not sure if this step is necessary. But in my case, it didn't work when on Speakout 4G.)

2. Power off the phone. Remove Speakout SIM.

3. Insert an unlocked/unrestricted SIM, e.g. Roam Mobility. Power on.

4. Go to APN settings (Settings / Network&Internet / Mobile network / Access point names). Now we can add a new APN.

5. Tap the "+" icon on the top right. Add an new profile with this values:
      APN: speakout
      APN: rogers-core-appl1.apn
      APN type: default,supl
      APN Protocol: IPv4/IPv6
      APN Roaming Protocol: IPV4
      MVNO type: None

    Don't touch the MCC and MNC fields which are set as the US codes.

6. Tap the Save button to save it. Check that speakout is generated.

7. Power off the phone. Remove Roam Mobility SIM.

8. Insert Speakout SIM. Power on.

9. Go to APN settings. Tap to select the newly created "speakout" profile. If you look into it, you can find that MCC and MNC are automatically updated to what Speakout uses:
      MCC: 302
      MNC: 720
      MVNO type: GID
      MVNO value: D4

10. Switch back the Network Operator to "Speakout 4G" (refer to step 1).

11. Reboot if necessary.

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