Friday, October 2, 2009

Firefox extension: Simple Boss Key

When people come over to your desk, maybe you do not want them to see what you are browsing. This extension helps you quickly minimize your browser to the taskbar.

When the key F12 is pressed, the browser will first bring the first tab to the front and then get minimized to the taskbar. If the first tab was opened with a serious page, its title would be shown by the Firefox's icon in the taskbar. So even somebody peeks at your taskbar, he could not tell what you were actually browsing.

This Firefox extension has been submitted to

After you install it, it will appear in the Extensions tab of the Add-ons dialogue (accessed from Menu Tools->Add-ons->Extensions).

The extension is very simple and does not need configurations. If you click the Options button, you will see a dialogue with brief instruction and tips. (Since version 1.2, the Options button is disabled and the dialogue is removed as it has no actual use.)

Does writing a Firefox extension have to be complicated? This one gives an example of how simple it could be. You are encouraged to read and play with the code. Read my another post Learn how to create a Firefox extension in 10 minutes to see how I built it.

You may also want to check out the Autohide Tabbar extension, which adds more privacy.


Anonymous said...

pls add this extension for 3.5.3 version

James said...

Have you tried the latest version 1.2? It supports Firefox 3.5.3.

Anonymous said...

Can you port this to Firefox 57+?

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