Saturday, December 12, 2009

Google Chrome Extension: Secure Or Not

When you visit some secure web pages, you sometimes see a warning icon indicating that the webpage contains insecure contents on the address bar:

And you would wonder what information on the page is unencrypted.

This Chrome extension will answer the question. It shows whether the links on a webpage are https links or http, and whether the forms you are going to submit will be transferred securely or not.

After installation, a Secure Or Not icon is added to the toolbar.

When you click on the icon, the http links on the webpage would be bordered by red dashed lines; and the https links on the webpage would be bordered by green dashed lines. Similarly, forms to be submitted insecurely would be bordered by red dashed lines; and forms to be submitted securely would be bordered by green dashed lines.

Isn't that simple?

(Since version 1.1) Images and iframes are also shown whether they are transferred in secure communication or not. Sometimes an image can have a link to another page, it could then be bordered twice. In such a case, there could be a conflict of the color of the borders. For example, if the image is stored in an insecure location but the link points to a secure URL, the image could have both a green and red border.

(Since version 1.2) You can also press the shortcut keys Ctrl-Shift-S to execute the extension. 



  • Ignore links (since version 1.1) - if it is checked, the secure status of the links on the page are not shown. Because in a secure page, although a link can point to another insecure page, the link itself is transferred in a secure channel. Usually a browser considers the content of the page as secure even there are links pointing to insecure pages. We allow you to select this option so the extension will not show those links as insecure. That would be consistent with the browser's behavior. By default, the option is not checked.
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Sofia said...

This is so weird. I don't have any of those extensions installed on my Google Chrome but the yellow and red dotted lines show up all over my links anyway. It's starting to become really annoying and distracting.

Any suggestions on what I can do about this? Thanks

Zen said...

This extension uses green and red lines, not yellow. And it is only active when you click on the button on the toolbar. So I think this issue is not related to the extension.

Does it happen to every page you visit? Are you using some kind of CSS overriding extensions?

Nathan Norris said...

its the Chrome SEO - Version: 0.8 extension - it's been annoying me too

ThinkingFox said...

the red lines are showing wen the box is ticked for "show nofollow" inside the extension. Untick the box, then disable then re-enable the extension. Problem solved.

antgiant said...

I love the idea of this extension. Sadly I'm red green colorblind so I can't use it. (All the dotted lines are the same color to me.) Any chance you are willing to change the color scheme you use?


THX for help..

Anthony said...

Thanks, this helped me alot

GANESAN said...


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