Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Supports are provided here to the software I publish. You can report bugs or give suggestions. To do that, go to the separate webpage of the program and add them as comments. I would provide updates or feedback as soon as possible. When you are reporting bugs, please provide as many details as possible, such as,
  • OS type and version;
  • The version of the browser;
  • The version of the extension;
  • The steps to reproduce the bug.
If possible, please try the latest version of the extension first before you report a bug.

To start, choose the category of the program and then go to its own webpage.

Note: To download or use the program, you must read and agree to the license of the program.


Anonymous said...

Hi - since installing, am getting this error message everytime FireFox starts:

error installing toolbar:[Exception... "Node was not found" code: "8" nsresult: "0x80530008 (NS_ERROR_DOM_NOT_FOUND_ERR)" location: "chrome://global/content/bindings/toolbar.xml Line: 262"]

Tried uninstalling, and still get the message when starting up FireFox. Definitely downloaded FireFox version. Any ideas? Running 3.5.8

Zen said...

The exception is related to Firefox's toolbar. I guess you have installed some other extensions that added items to your toolbar but did not do it right. You can try to restore your toolbar like this:

- right click the toolbar and select "Customize..." from the context menu;

- in the dialog, click the "Restore Default Set" button.

Anonymous said...

Please add the feature that allows you to snooze the alert when says break time. Sometimes I'm in the middle of something and I'd like to have an extra 5 minutes or 10 or so before i take that break.

Anonymous said...

Boss Key stopped working for me in Chrome Version 54.0.2840.71 m

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