Friday, February 26, 2010

Check out Java project from CVS to Eclipse

Step 1:
Start Eclipse.
Select menu "File|Import...".

Step 2:
The "Import" dialog pops up.
Select "CVS|Projects from CVS".
Click "Next".

Step 3:
Select "Create a new repository location".
Click "Next" to add the CVS repository location.
Select "Use existing repository location:".
Select the wanted repository location from the list.

Click "Next".

Step 4:
Select "Use an existing module (this will allow you to browse the modules in the repository)".
Choose the module you want to check out.
Click "Next".

Step 5:
Select "Check out as a project configured using the New Project Wizard".
Check "Checkout subfolders".
Click "Next".

Step 6:
Select "HEAD" if check out from CVS trunk.
Select the wanted branch under "Branches". If the wanted branch is not listed, click "Configure Tags..." to add the branch.
Click "Finish".

Step 7:
New project wizard pops up.
Select "Java Project".
Click "Next"

Step 8:
Generate a "Project Name" for the new project.
In "Contents" section, choose "Create new project in workspace".
Leave the rest as default.
Click "Finish".
The module will be checked out from CVS into Eclipse workspace.

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