Quick Starts

This page collects some Quick Starts of our programs. These Quick Starts show the basic functionalities of the programs with their default settings. To see how to configure the programs or how to use the advanced features, please go to their individual online helps.

Quick Start - Wiktionary and Google Translate

To translate or define a word or phrase

  • Move your mouse over the word and press down Ctrl and Shift keys together;
  • Or select/highlight the word or phrase first, then press down Ctrl and Shift keys together.
To close the inline popup, press the Esc key or click anywhere outside the popup.

To translate the whole web page

  • Right click on the page and choose Translate Page from the context menu.
This extension is highly configurable. Go to the online help of Wiktionary and Google Translate to see its configuration and advanced usage.

Quick Start - Boss Key and Buttons

1. When your "boss" is approaching --
  • if your hands are over the keyboard, press function key F12 to minimize all your Firefox browser windows.
  • if you are holding the mouse, press both the left and right buttons to minimize all your Firefox browser windows.
    You may notice that a new window is opened and minimized too. Its title is something of Wiktionary.org. That window is a phony window which is useful in the next step.

2. If unfortunately your "boss" sits down beside you and says, "Open a browser window. I want to show you something on the internet", do not panic. Click-open the phony window. The phony window has nothing but a Wiktionary.org webpage implying you just looked up some words in the dictionary. Do all your internet surfing with the "boss" in the phony window only.

3. After the "boss" left, press Shift-F12 on any browser window to close the covering tabs and phony window. (They may not be closed if they are not the active tab in the window.)

For more information, go to the online help of Boss Key and Buttons.

Quick Start - Full Screen Image Viewer

To view images on a web page
  • Press Shift-F11; or
  • Right click and select the Full Screen Image Viewer item from the Context Menu.
Use the buttons on the controlling bar to view the next image, view the previous image, or start a slide show.

To view image on your local disk
  • Press Ctrl-O to open the image file in Firefox.
  • Press Shift-F11 or right click to select the Full Screen Image Viewer item from the Context Menu.
For more information, go to the online help of Full Screen Image Viewer.

Quick Start - Take A Break

After the installation, the Take A Break icon can be found in:
  • The Add-on Bar. However, in the newer versions of Firefox, the Add-on Bar is hidden by default. You can show it by pressing Ctrl+/., or using the menu Firefox->Options->Add-on Bar.
  • The Tool Bar: Right click on the Tool Bar, then drag and drop the Take A Break icon to the Tool Bar.
For more information, go to the online help of Take A Break part 1 and part 2.


Anonymous said...

I need to give this add-on a trial.It sounds interesting and useful.So let me check it out nuh'

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

doesn't work, right clicked to translate whole page & it translated it from deutsch to english & it was still in deutsch very helpful, now i remember why I don't use firefox

Misak R.esili said...

Excelente, es que tiene una infinidad de opciones. Cumple muy bien la función que incluso podría estar superando a mi add on favorito para Chrome: Google Dictionary (by Google). Jijiji RECOMENDADO.

Anonymous said...

it doesn't pop up with translation, I have to click "more" to open the translation in a new tab! Then what is different from an online dictionary?!

Unknown said...

Translate add-on works perfect! Thank you!

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