Saturday, March 13, 2010

Firefox Extension: Packed Menu

Note: this extension conflicts with my another extension Packed Menu 2 Nav, which puts the button "M" on the Navigation Toolbar. If you have installed Packed Menu 2 Nav, you must uninstall it first before you install this extension.

This extension adds a button "M" to the menu bar. And the original main menus are hidden. When you click the "M" button or press Alt-M, the original main menus are shown under the "M" button.

After the installation, the menu bar will show just one item and you will get a lot of space there. You can do a little customization on the tool-bar to move things to the menu bar and get rid of the navigation toolbar if you like a compact tool-bar.

This extension has nearly no impact to the Firefox's performance. All it does is just adding a menu "M" to the tool-bar and moving the original "main menu bar" to the popup of the menu "M".

This extension can be downloaded and installed from Mozilla Firefox's official extension web site:

Because there is no impact on functions of the original main menu bar, you can still use the short-cut keys to access the submenus. For example, Alt-F will open the popup menu under "File". But the "main menu bar" itself will not show up -- This is not a bug.

Install another extension Autohide Tabbar together and you would get a neater interface.


grebulon said...

It doesn't work with Firefox 4 beta 1. They must have changed something with the menus, as all menu modification addons seem to have broke.

Zen said...

Following this post to make a small change to the extension and it can support Firefox 4 beta 1. Just change the "maxVersion" from 3.6.* to 4.0b1

Unknown said...

I like that you positioned the menu's main buttons (file, edit, etc) horizontally rather than vertically. It doesn't block the browser window. Is it possible to have the secondary choices come up by hovering the mouse instead of clicking?

Also, I have this on 2 machines: XP Pro SP2 laptop, FFv 3.610 & XP home SP3 netbook, FFv 3.612 & they act differently. On the Pro pc I have checkboxes at the bottom of my toolbar customization pop-up. XP Home doesn't have it, so I cannot change the main choices (file, edit, etc) on the packed menu.

I'm running identical FF extensions on both pc's

Is there any way to add the checkboxes to the XP home pc?


Zen said...

Denise, I don't quite understand the issue about "checkboxes at the bottom of my toolbar customization pop-up". Packed Menu is a very light weight extension and there is no customization needed. Can you get a screen shot and post a link here?

Anonymous said...

Two things:
first, please update the plug-in to work on Firefox 4.0 (at least beta 10)
second, please, please, add some customization for that M thing... I'd like to use a custom image instead (like "compact menu 2")
ok, and open sub-menus by hover would be nice. :)

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